Targot on USB Microscopes

Targot’s USB microscope has a CMOS camera surrounded by a ring of very bright adjustable LED’s to illuminate the object. All LED’s are encapsulated in a clear plastic cone. The object is placed on a flat surface and the microscope placed over it and held by hand in place (there is a mounting plate and gooseneck – supplied – to which the microscope can be attached for three dimensional larger object assessment). Rotating the focus dial will bring the object into sharp view.


We recondment using Ctrl Prt Scr to print off screen so as to avoid shaking hands affecting image focus. This product is guaranteed to have multiple uses and benefits and can be used in almost any situation from examining the articulation of a beetle’s legs in a biology class, crystal structures in a science lab, checking micro-circuitry on a PCB, evaluating stamps and stamp franking, checking counterfeit documents, handwriting analysis, checking for splinters, ink and pixellation analysis and much more. For certain specialised applications, it has a video function.


At a very affordable price, the utility of this product cannot be overstated. It is simple, light, compact and highly effective. See images that open your world to knowledge you never had; design projects that are certain to achieve high marks; repair fine mechanical, structural or electrical things.


Targot has not opted to have multiple microscopes in its range as it has tested two different brands at two different magnifications, and 500x is around the maximum we were able to find, allowing for a broader magnification range without the worry that you may not have enough “magnification” since it seems that the market does not offer more magnification in this type of device currently (that we could locate).


This product has great utility to schools jewellers, philatelists, forensic analysts, coin specialists, micro-circuitry engineers, homeopaths, housewives, husbands, scholars, biology majors, botanists, vets, quality controllers, fabric analysts and everyone in between including the incurably curious.


We are confident that you will see things more clearly and in a different light having purchased this very handy item.




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