Model TEDM-500. Digital Microscope. 5 - 500 X magnification. Micro-measure tool. Connects to pc with USB 2.0 cable (supplied) & is compatible with XP, Vista and Win 7; 8 & 10 32 & 64 bit operating systems. Comes with desk mounted stand. Object illumination: 8 bright white LEDís. Support cone: Clear plastic. Image sensor: 2 M pixel CMOS 3G lens. Video resolution: 2.0; 1,3; 0,3 & 0,1 M. Photo resolution: 2.0; 1,3 & 0,3 M. Manual focus wheel. Perfect for: Skin & hair analysis; Educational study; checking money; QC inspection; jewellery examination; handwriting analysis; forensic examination; philately; micro-circuitry analysis and much more. One of the handiest tools in the home. Will always be used for something.


microscope digital usb2.0

Coming soon. Surveillance equipment. Audio. RF (not GSM). Wireless bugging device including high quality sensitive microphone, receiver and transmitter/receiver boosters.

Coming soon. Covert cameras in a variety of styles and for a number of applications. Wired and wireless. Supported by receivers and boosters. Included will be MMS units, baby monitors and a small selection of mobile wireless units with DVR.

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