Targot on flashlights

Donít be fooled by the generic term ďLEDísĒ. You get warriors and you get warriors. Or is it worriers? Our experience with torches has encompassed the camping situation, the prowler in the garden, the security site, marine needs, hunting and many other applications. Low output LEDís are normally amplified by a small fixed lens and often offer a diffuse light that is non-specific, as seen in many compound LED head lamps. Targotís CREE range is robust in the extreme and will give exceptional life, paying back their purchase by reducing the need for regular replacement which could be the case with less robust flashlights. Take one of Targotís flashlights apart to confirm our statement They are made from aluminium alloy, are weather resistant and have the most superb, clear, interference free beam.


A substantial benefit of our flashlight range in security industry applications is their durability and weather resistance as well as their level of illumination and battery life. On batteries, it will be found that Targotís 18650 batteries does not fit conventional appliances or chargers. They are therefore virtually useless if stolen as they have to undergo serious modification to be used for anything and then there is the recharge problem once modified. Thieves will immediately identify the problems they will face in ďremovingĒ these batteries and so should not bother to ďremoveĒ them in the first instance. This should save security (and other) companies a substantial amount in stolen batteries(AA and AAA) that are currently able to fit many conventional devices. Perhaps the flashlight price will be self-liquidating over a short period of time depending on current costs in stolen battery replacement.


Bulb torches have the unfortunate characteristic of causing a grey area in the centre of the beam due to bulb reflection interference in the mirror surface of the reflector. CREE LEDís do not suffer from this problem, allowing for a clear and surgically precise beam that has huge range and clarity.


Targotís torch range consists of 10 units (some have been sold out). These units, in line with our philosophy, cover what we believe to be the user spectrum, including 4 units which are priced for the lower end but which are still very good units indeed. They have been selected to cover the pricing spectrum with a large degree of function overlap. The flashlights Lumen range is 100, 120, 150, 200, 230, 320, 500 and 1800 Lumens. Depending on your need and application, one flashlight might not suit perfectly while another is ideal.


 Itís a sad fact of life that appearance often determines the perception of function. Perhaps in the case of these flashlights, their performance and attributes, regardless of appearance should be borne in mind and tradition be considered relative to traditionís value. If tradition says that a big, clumsy, bulky and heavy flashlight is the accepted norm in a place, location or industry, then perhaps this needs to be shouldered by pragmatic forces. Most people tend not to consider a torch as a self-defence component (unless itís a shock torch) so the benefit of a heavy torch in hitting an assailant over the head might not carry value, especially if the carrier is carrying other forms of weapon like a security guard and his baton or a policeman and his pistol. If a torchís primary function is illumination then illumination should be the primary consideration, and there is no doubt that CREE LEDís have immense performance based on the LED itself and the chip technology driving it.


Whatever your needs may be, Targot has the solution encapsulated in its range. Try our CREE torches and we are confident you will never want for anything more in illuminating your world.



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