Targot's Purchasing Philosophy

Our objective is to supply the most practical product at the best price relative to its quality and features. We have personally visited the manufacturing facilities of our suppliers and built business relationships with these reputable suppliers. Most of our suppliers have very substantial operations and have been manufacturing our product for many years.


We have ensured that our product range has been tested and put through their paces. Those products that we have trialled and which have failed do not form part of our product range. Our flashlights have great utility depending on your application and are indeed the best illumination that money can currently buy at the price. Our flashlights are extremely well finished and well put together with weather resistant O rings and good tolerances. The majority are fitted with the CREE LEDs. There is no doubt as to their build and technical quality.


Targot tries where possible to consolidate import shipments to reduce the shipping cost included in the retail price as well as containing rental and other overheads to offer competitive pricing.


When comparing prices, remember to compare like-with-like as far as possible, and if in doubt, enquire. There are often products on the market that appear similar or identical to others, yet have different features, capacities and capabilities due to their internal mechanisms.


LED bulbs, spotlights or down lighting can be particularly complex and one needs to take into consideration the output Wattage, lifespan, angles of illumination and the LED temperature range when making comparisons. 


Some technical detail may appear to be over-the-top, but for a technically complex product it is better to see the specifications on the site.


We trust that you will find value and quality in our products and have a pleasant experience doing business with us.



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