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Targot's LED's are premium quality units designed to be both functional and elegant, many having fluted aluminum fins and a solid purposeful feel (there are cheap plastic LED's on the market that cost less and which might have lower grade illuminators which the buyer will need to evaluate).


The world is currently focussed on global warming with what might be the obvious – carbon emissions. A more subtle angle might cause someone to evaluate the cost of electrical power consumption globally, and its impact on warming. Could this perhaps be a wood and trees situation?


Please see our LED savings comment on this site for actual figures. The absolute truth is that if the world saves on power consumption there is less need to build additional power stations, less need to deal with incandescent light fitting waste, less environmental impact due to the massive disposal of incandescent fittings globally and overall, less travel and time wasted to buy replacement incandescent fittings at a ratio of 50 to 1 and at the end of it all, more disposable income from power users to spend on things other than electricity, which will boost the general economy. Consider that the average incandescent lamp lasts 1000 hours while the average LED fitting lasts 50 times longer.


Targot Enterprises has opted to sell only LED’s in the 5 – 7000K temperature range because this gives a clear and crisp white light suited to offices, spotlights rendering true colour to paintings, art, carpets and so on, as well as good light to read and work by. Watt for Watt, Pure White light gives better lumen illumination. Take for example a 3W LED in the Pure White scale which gives off between 300 and 360 lumens, while the same output of 3W in the Warm White range only gives off between 220 & 280 lumens, which is a substantial difference in “bang for buck” (Rands per lumen).


Our LED’s have been selected to cover the South African fitting range in the 40 and 60 Watt power range (when compared to incandescent illumination). We do not deal in 100 Watt incandescent comparatives as the price becomes prohibitive, compounded by SARS duty of 20% on imports across all LED lamps (as if they wish to discourage LED use).


Targot’s range covers the normal large bayonet fitting (B22), Large thread (E27), narrow thread (E14), 220V twist fitting (GU10) and 12V pin fittings (MR16). There are a few specialised lamps out there that we do not cover (yet). Our pricing is VERY COMPETITIVE as the wise shopper will discover. Shoppers are advised to consider the Wattage of the lamp, the hour rating of the LED, the angle of illumination (Targot’s lamps are all 60 degrees) and the lumen rating relative to the colour temperature (as explained above). Apples need to be compared to apples for a just comparison to be made. when it comes to LED’s there are a number of ‘tricky” factors to bear in mind lest one buys unwisely and suffers the consequences.


We trust that you will enjoy your shopping experience with us and that you will make use of thelinks to technical information on LED’s though our site links under TECHNICAL INFO. Please make use of our links to become enlightened regarding LED dynamics, trends and how the world (US and Australia particularly) are moving, where we will shortly be following suit. Incandescent lighting will soon be going the way of the Dodo.