Targot on Action cameras


Training:                                             Vehicle, helmet, or weapon mounted, high or standard definition, remote controlled or manually operated, these tough all weather cameras are capable of recording real life or simulated situations to the benefit of any training section where trainees can learn in a classroom environment the best or most correct posture to a number of scenarios. The value in preparing staff to face events and situations in a controlled environment will almost certainly allow them to perform better when faced with a real life situation they have already faced intellectually. The benefits to both personnel and the organisation are obvious, not to mention the positive and credible marketing angle.

Defensive positioning: In the event of an armed reaction situation or assault, the entire situation can be recorded. Video evidence of the event can be used (again) for training, but more specifically for justification in the event of any fatalities, damage to property or injury, or, should litigation ensue. Considering the high price of legal representation, poor publicity, lost man-hours and the implications regarding no real verification of what took place during a specific event, this type of camera will pay for itself many times over in any single high risk situation. High maintenance and problem clients can also be defused and placated in the event of their challenging the security response to a given event.

General:                                             The product leaves the user entirely hands free to do what he or she needs to do, whether it is to climb a fence, fire a weapon or take evasive action. Operated in the rain, snow, hail or situations on water (ocean, river, dam), these cameras come into their own. Memory expansion is up to 32 GB on SD card. Video recording time depends on card size, definition selection and battery charge status. With a full battery and adequate card capacity, recording time ranges from 100 to 200 minutes constant recording time which will cover most situations/requirements.

White water rafting, surfing, skiing, kayaking, cycling, doing tricks, sky diving, skateboarding, motor-cross, mountain biking, rally driving, off-road biking, or simply recording a road trip, these action cameras will make the event real. Where your top-of-the-range SLR or conventional video camera is at risk from extreme sport related damage, Targots action cameras will do the trick, especially when your raft flips, for example. Download, add music, edit, do voice overs to create, record and remember seriously memorable occasions!!


Care: We suggest that the O rings be very lightly greased with camera grade silicone grease. NO OTHER type of grease should be used. Grease application should be extremely light with a very thin film smeared on the O ring using a clean and dry finger. On cameras used in the sea, it is recommended that all preparation work (insertion of memory card, battery insertion/charging and grease application) be done in a home environment so that there is no risk of sand or dust lodging in the grease and negating the O ring seal. DO NOT open and maintain the access panel/port when on the beach or in an outdoors environment if it can be helped. On the TERD32, under no circumstances should the camera be hung from gear using the opaque rear panel leading to the expansion compartment. After exposure to salt water, to prevent salt crystals from forming or affecting seals or the access panel/port, it is suggested that the camera be placed in a basin of tepid tap water for 15 to 20 minutes after which it should be carefully dried with a lint free cloth or air dried. Any cleaning of the O ring and access port should be with a lint free cloth. Please remember that the O ring seals are the sole defence against water penetration and that the O ring(s) will not function if they are damaged by sand or salt crystals or have hairs or other debris affecting their performance or if they are crimped due to careless sealing of the access port. Repetitive circular movements around the O ring with a non-callused finger should detect foreign matter which will damage the O ring or cause lack of seal integrity.


All that is left now is to decide which of our action cameras suits your needs and budget.



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