About Targot

Targot Enterprises is a licensed import/export enterprise trading though internet sales (EFT, and PayPal) and direct sales to enterprises/organisations and the public.


Targot Enterprises was started in May 2005 initially contracting to the marine industry in the USA. Trademark registration was achieved in 2009.


Targot relies on its wealth of life and occupational experience in the way it does business. It is designed to achieve solutions in as simple and as purposeful a way as possible. All our products have been diligently sourced, researched and trialled to ensure that they offer both affordable as well as optimised solutions that clients can grow into as opposed to grow out of. Our international suppliers have been visited and personal relationships developed for the benefit of all. A number of products that we have investigated have been discarded for various reasons ranging from unacceptable quality to operating difficulties (excessive complexity or rigidity) or a sheer lack of practicality.


We have created links on the “product” page of our website for prospective clients to research information of a technical nature, so that they are better informed when planning a purchase. These links are independent of Targot and are recommended for the more technical of our products or merely for the curious. Examples here are information about camera lenses, SD card ratings and card types, international waterproofing codes, “candle power” versus “lumens”, as well as CMOS versus CCD lens information and Pepper Spray information.


We hope you find Targot a pleasant experience, that you refer us to friends and colleagues, and that you return to purchase more of our exciting, affordable and functional range of products.



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